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Retirement Visa

Requirements of retirement visa in Chiang Mai

  • The applicant must have Non-immigrant O for retirement.
  • Must be 50 years of age or above.

Financial requirements for retirement visa

  • You will need to deposit 800,000 baht in Thai bank account (saving or fix account only).
    ** For the first year of extension show 800,000 baht 2 months before submission, then 3 months after
    ** For the next year show 800,000 baht 3 months before submission, then 3 months after.
    ** After that you can withdraw but have to hold 400,000 all the year.
  • Or annual income of over 800,000 baht and 65,000 baht per month that issue by embassy or consulate of your nationality.
    ** For American, British, Australian, and Danish citizen you can show monthly income more than 65,000 baht in Thai Bank for 12 months.

Requirement for Non-OA

  • Anyone who has Non-OA visa is required to have Thai health insurance.
    ** The coverage of in-patient must over 400,000 baht.
    ** And Out-patient need to cover 40,000 baht.

Addition information that you need to know about retirement

  • You can not work or be director of a company on retirement visa.
  • The bank account should be your name only.
  • You can change from tourist visa to Non-O for retirement.
  • Your family can dependent you but the child should not over than 20 years.
  • Must do 90 days report when you get retirement visa for 1 year so we take care of yours 90 days report for the year.
  • After apply visa you can go oversea but you need to do re-entry permit before travel.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions

Of course yes! But you need to apply re-entry permit to keep your visa

Sure, you have to have more than 65,000 THB per month.

  • Department of land transport (driving license, car transferring, car registration and etc.)
  • Open Thai bank account (Bank in Thailand only)
  • Make registration address book (Yellow book)
  • Sell or buy vehicle only in Thailand

Yes, there are 3 types of Non-immigrant visa that you can apply following by

  •  Non immigrant visa “O” for retirement, Thai spouse and dependent visa
  •  Non immigrant visa “B” for business, work and teacher
  •  Non immigrant visa “ED” for study in Thai school and Thai international school

You can extend 2 times for 180 days with the covid insurance

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